By Tim Syrianos

Some of the most useful insights a TREB Member REALTOR® can get are through communication with other Realtors. Taking this into account, TREB created an exclusive space where TREB Members can communicate with other TREB Members.

TREB is pleased to announce the launch of its TREB Members only Facebook group.

TREB Professional Connection is a private Facebook group where ALL TREB Members can come together to connect. The group allows Members to share their thoughts, knowledge and insights, as well as network with other TREB Members.

I encourage ALL TREB Members to join this group and engage in the interesting conversations already taking place. I am thrilled to see how many Members are already participating, but I do suggest you review TREB’s social media policies to ensure the group functions as it was designed. And, although this group has many purposes, Members who join should keep in mind that this is not a place to self-promote.

Be sure to read TREB’s social media policy to avoid any discrepancies:

I encourage ALL TREB Members to join this group today, and I look forward to connecting with you:




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