One thing that hasn’t changed over the years is that our Members continue to be advisors and advocates. They know firsthand what’s happening in the market and how this impacts a buyer’s journey to homeownership, as well as sellers who are a critical part of this. Looking back, as early as 1922 , two years after TRREB was founded, there was talk then about TRREB Members and their efforts in helping buyers and sellers find and sell their homes.

The number and type of homes up for sale are always at the back of a real estate professional’s mind even before the house hunt begins. In fact, tight supply isn’t only a topic in the 21st century. Demand and a housing shortage  soared after veterans returned from WWII. Decades later, there’s still a call to increase the number of homes in our communities. 

There was also a time when Toronto wasn’t the leading city for population. But, in the ‘70s , news broke that Toronto was set to surpass Montreal due to increased immigration and the growing auto sector. Fast forward to today, the border is set to reopen, with a strong projection for immigration and a climbing population for the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). And, more people mean more demand, followed by a tight supply of homes available to buy or rent. 

That’s where our political advocacy efforts, backed by our Members, come in. The then Political Action Committee , and now TRREB’s Government Relations Committee, has been at the forefront of calling on policymakers to review policies that impact home buying and selling, including property taxes, zoning, transportation, and more. 

And, once upon a time, we released Listings Magazine  to offer Members and their clients a look into market trends. Today, our Members’ go-to source is the monthly Market Watch , featuring insights buyers and sellers are looking for on new listings, sales, and price. 

One thing is certain, the future of housing is up against a lineup of eager buyers. But, what is driving the ongoing demand to own a home in the GTA? The answer seems to lie in that homeownership continues to prove it’s a great investment  to build equity and to help our communities grow and prosper. 

In TRREB’s Ready to Real Estate podcasts, we take a look forward at An Answer to Toronto’s Housing Shortage s and uncover how Wealth Transfer Fueling the Next Generation of Homeowners . Listen to these episodes, and find out what’s next for the trek to homeownership.

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