For this year’s Presidential and David Rossi Committee Service Award winners, volunteering is part of their weekly schedule. Giving back to the profession is what motivated them in the first place to join committees, task forces, and rosters at TRREB.

The prestigious Presidential Awards were presented to two deserving Members in June. This recognition is reserved for Members who have shown outstanding commitment and tireless dedication to the Board and the real estate industry.

Presidential Award winner, 2002 TRREB President, and now Honourary Life Member Ann Bosley  has always made time for the things that matter in her life. Ann’s passion for real estate drives her to try something new, and in turn helped shape the future of TRREB in a meaningful and lasting way. 

Volunteering is also about meeting likeminded Members. Honourary Life Member and Presidential Award winner Paul Etherington  has a list of “I’ll never forget” memories and connections that were formed by simply taking part in committees. Paul was TRREB President in 2014 and instrumental in shaping the current and future path of TRREB and the industry. 

Six David Rossi Committee Service Award were handed out to Members who contributed substantially over and above. This award wouldn’t be possible without the late David Rossi himself. In 2007, David Rossi was awarded the President’s Award for the contributions he made to not only TRREB, but also the profession itself. Later in 2011, TRREB created the David Rossi Committee Service Award in his honour.

If it’s a cause you’re passionate about, Colby Bayne  says it’s a win-win for all. For Colby , his time spent on the Professional Standards Roster was nothing but rewarding. He’s the Chair of this Roster and getting involved translated into helping his fellow Members, as well as the industry as a whole. 

Volunteering at TRREB is filled with new and exciting opportunities that you might not otherwise experience. 

For Tania DiRenzo-Artenosi , the chance to express different perspectives, unpack them, and listen to her fellow Members has meant the world. Tania, a Member for 15 years, had a fulfilling year bringing her thoughts and opinions forward on the Women in Real Estate Task Force. 

And, you can’t escape growth when it comes to volunteering, and our winners can attest to that. 

REALTOR® QUEST & 100 Year Anniversary Task Force and Young Professionals Network (YPN) Committee Member Stephanie King  says the benefit of volunteering has been the opportunity to grow as a real estate professional. And, this isn’t Stephanie’s first time around, this is the second year in a row she’s joined the YPN Committee. 

Likewise, David Rossi Committee Service Award winner, Josh Klein served as Co-Chair for the REALTOR® QUEST & 100 Year Anniversary Task Force. That’s not all, Josh also serves on the Professional Development Committee to share new ways TRREB can help boost skills and knowledge about the real estate industry. 

The skills you learn are endless. Throughout the years, Ram Rajendram  has served on numerous committees, the latest being TRREB’s Government Relations Committee. Ram is proud that his volunteer efforts helped him learn more about what’s happening in the real estate profession. 

Finally, whether you’re giving back to something you’re passionate about, or at the table discussing your ideas and building your skills, you’ll stay motivated. Women in Real Estate Task Force Member Jasmine Lee  offers words of advice for anyone looking to kickstart their volunteer journey. She adds that you might come across challenges, but working together will help you move forward.

Watch now and learn more about this year’s David Rossi Committee Service and Presidential Award winners.

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