Every journey to becoming a bold leader starts with a plan, and for more than 1,000 attendees the journey began and continued for many on April 14 at the Real Women event. 

Hosted by TRREB President Lisa Patel and the Women in Real Estate Task Force including Co-Chair Jennifer Evelyn, this marked our first women-focused virtual event. We tapped into real-world experiences from fearless leaders on how to believe in yourself, better understand your strengths and focus on your passions. 

“Being a true leader comes with great responsibility. And, part of that is being a champion for women, by standing up and advocating for them, supporting and acknowledging their ideas and efforts, and remembering the women who helped you become who you are,” said Lisa Patel, TRREB President. 

Delivering the keynote speech was former undercover police officer and body language expert Pamela Barnum who focused on the three ‘Ds’ – why display, decode, and detect are essential to trust-building and boosting your success. 

“I’ve been able to put together strategies you can put into place immediately and key takeaways you can use to overcome challenges in your career today. We’re going to talk a lot about what we display, and of course, confidence, empathy, and trustworthiness are going to be a huge part of that,” said Pamela Barnum. 

The highly-anticipated Power Talk Panelists tackled topics about conquering obstacles, becoming a bold leader, owning the decision-making table and handling difficult conversations with ease. 

The takeaways were endless including, look to people you admire to lift you up and encourage you to pursue what’s next in your career and life. “When you’re looking for a mentor…research them as much as you can, and ask them something they haven’t been asked before, ask them how you want them to help you in a specific way,” stressed Camille Dundas, Co-Founder of ByBlacks.com and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Consultant. 

“We should always make ourselves available for conversations for anyone in the room,” said Jennifer Evelyn, Co-Chair of the Women in Real Estate Task Force. 

“I asked for help at the very beginning. Someone just has to encourage you. It’s that simple sometimes,” said Elli Davis, TRREB Member for 35+ years. 

Michelle Goodridge, Founder of R.E.A.L., believes speaking up and using your voice will help you stand out. “I believe if you’re at the table that you are capable and wouldn’t be there otherwise. I think that what you have to say is important. As women come together, we can encourage and develop that confidence,” said Michelle.

As the CEO of Canada’s largest real estate board, John DiMichele said events like these bring together unique and different perspectives around equity, diversity and inclusion.

“At TRREB, we continue to advocate for women, and we do this by listening, learning, asking, and partnering for social justice. Our Diversity and Inclusion and Women in Real Estate Task Forces have hit the ground running and are making great strides,” added DiMichele.

Tune in, catch a recap of the Real Women event and get inspired through fearless leadership. 

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