It’s been one year since the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB) rebranded with a new logo and tagline that reflect the reach of our membership. And what better time to take this next step than in the milestone year when we turned 100 years old. Before we made the official reveal, a nod to our past in the new logo and tagline was important to us.  

Since the beginning, TRREB Members have been connecting people with properties and communities. Even in an article before the official founding , TRREB Members have been at the forefront of maintaining the professionalism of real estate and ensuring buyers and sellers are protected. 

Our evolving logo  is a testament to how far we’ve come. In this ever-changing industry, we too refreshed our logo and tagline to take us into the future. As you watch it evolve, there’s no question that we’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings. From highlighting the city which Members live and work in to the upward movement Members continue to represent across many cities, towns and regions. 

And, while some things have changed, many have not. The life of a REALTOR®  is more than showings. TRREB Members know their communities. Whether it’s informing clients of neighbourhoods best supported by businesses, transit and schools, they know the ins and outs of what will turn your house into a home. 

Explore the real estate industry over the last 100 years by visiting the full 100 Year Virtual Exhibit

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