Fancy filters aren’t the only way to make your photos pop!

Smartphones now have digital cameras that are capable of almost anything! Here are a few simple tips on how to take fantastic photos:

Avoid the Zoom – The quality of your photos will be much better if you crop instead of zoom.

Clear View – Clean your lens as the grime that collects will cause your images to turn out dark and hazy.

Rule of Thirds – Create natural looking photos by positioning the focal point a little to one side instead of in the middle.

Add an App – Android and iPhone devices have various apps that are loaded with great features to help make your pictures pop!

Play with Perspective – Take photos from unique angles such as kneeling or lying down. If you’re taking a selfie or a portrait of another person, hold the phone a little higher.

These tips will help you take professional looking photos that you’ll be proud to show off! Just be sure to keep an eye on your storage space as there’s nothing more frustrating than getting the “insufficient storage” message when you’re trying to take the perfect shot.

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