By: Tim Syrianos

Road safety for the public, employees, our Members and surrounding businesses is of extreme importance! Which is why, TREB and surrounding organizations have launched to shed light on the traffic dangers posed at Don Mills and Kern Road.

This intersection, which does not have a traffic light, has a history of pedestrian and vehicular accidents. Despite complaints from local businesses, nothing has changed.

We are asking for your help to get this message through to the decision makers in the hope that some action will put an end to traffic dangers posed at this busy intersection. If you support installing a traffic light at the intersection to make the roads safer for everyone in the local community, please take a few minutes to visit and take action today by easily using the site to send an email to the local councillor; all of the work has been done for you.

Remember, every email counts! Don’t wait for a serious accident or loss of life to spur the City to make a change, be the change NOW! Thank you for reading and for your anticipated help.

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