With municipal elections only days away, the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) has released recommendations on what newly elected councillors, mayors, and regional chairs across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) can do to ensure housing affordability and choice for home buyers and renters.

TREB has also released the results of responses received from over 200 municipal election candidates from across the GTA. Candidates were asked to respond to a TREB survey asking for their views on key housing issues that are the subject of TREB’s recommendations.

Both the policy briefs and candidate survey responses can be viewed at UnlockMyHousingOptions.com .

“A recent poll conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs showed that housing affordability was a top-of-mind issue for voters in this election. Housing affordability is a priority for voters, and they want it to be a priority for the incoming municipal councils. Based on the candidate survey responses that TREB received, it appears that housing affordability is also a priority for many candidates,” said Garry Bhaura, President of the Toronto Real Estate Board.

TREB sent a survey regarding housing-related issues to Toronto  and GTA  municipal candidates, and received responses from over 200 of them:

This week, TREB also released three new policy briefs on “missing middle” housing supply, housing-related municipal red tape, and infrastructure needs for housing supply , in addition to a brief issued earlier in the campaign on the impact of municipal land transfer taxes. TREB’s recommendations call for newly elected municipal councils to support the creation of much needed housing supply and options.  Specifically, TREB is calling on councils to

More detail on TREB’s recommendations, including the full policy briefs, are available at UnlockMyHousingOptions.com.

The individual responses on housing issues from the GTA candidates that TREB surveyed have been posted on UnlockMyHousingOptions.com .

“TREB applauds candidates who put their names forward to be a part of the municipal election campaign, and we thank the over 200 candidates who took the time to respond to our survey. I invite you to visit UnlockMyHousingOptions.com to view how candidates responded and see how their responses compare to TREB’s position on issues of housing supply and choice. We look forward to working with those elected on October 22, 2018,” said Bhaura.

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