By Tim Syrianos, TREB President

Home ownership is one of the largest financial decisions you will make and in today’s market, home buyers and sellers need an advantage. Look to a TREB Member REALTOR®, who will use their expertise and knowledge to provide the edge you need while moving through the home buying or selling process.

Owning a home is a sound long term investment financially and emotionally, from building your wealth, to giving you a sense of community.

If your home investment is your principal residence, price gains are exempt from capital gains tax. Furthermore, it can also be part of your retirement investment, and help grow your nest egg.

Home ownership and housing affordability are two of the key determinants of economic and social well-being.

Stable housing provides a foundation for parents’ employment stability and income, children’s educational attainment, and a family’s health and civic engagement. Access to home ownership can help families build equity over time, which allows them to save for future life investment goals such as education, health etc.

And owning your home goes beyond your front door, it means contributing to and becoming part of a vibrant community.

Your home is also an emotional investment, it provides you with the backdrop for all of life’s most important events, where you gather with friends and family to make lasting memories.

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