Over the last year, our homes have become the backdrop for where we work, live and play. That’s why, more than ever, it is important to celebrate home and what it means to you.

National Real Estate Day falls on May 17, and it’s a day to commemorate the Canadian dream of homeownership.

For 100 years, TRREB Members have guided home buyers and sellers through one of the largest financial decisions of their lives, and have helped make owning a home possible for many. 

And, although real estate looked a little different 100 years ago , the journey of what it takes to find a home remains constant. A real estate sign might be hanging outside of a house, but it speaks volumes behind the story of a home. It’s more than a for sale sign. It’s closing a chapter, a start to a new beginning, and a door to create “firsts.” 

Looking back to a brokerage in the 1950s , the car out front might be an image of the past, but behind those doors, real estate professionals were at the forefront of connecting people to communities. Inside, questions were answered and offers were accepted, and homeowners were made. And together, TRREB Members helped build a world-class city , filled with homes and neighbourhoods bursting with culture. 

So, mark National Real Estate Day with us by joining the challenge to show us what a home means to you. There are no limits, so get creative. Design and draw your home, using Lego® bricks, crafts, and anything else that you can find, then share it on social media using #iheartrealestate and tag us on FacebookInstagramLinkedIn  or Twitter .

Visit TRREB.ca  to connect with a TRREB Member to support your journey to owning a home. Plus, read more about TRREB Members and their commitment to the real estate profession. 

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