Another successful REAL Women event is in the books. This time around, a lineup of visionary and influential speakers shared proven strategies on Communicating with Influence

On October 28, over 1,000 Members registered to attend and hear new ways that empower and instill confidence to build remarkable careers and reach your highest potential. 

To open the event, Grandmother Kim Wheatley delivered a warm greeting, smudging ceremony and strong woman’s song. She is an ancestral knowledge keeper from Shawanaga First Nation Reserve who holds three decades of public service in the area of Anishinaabe Cultural Consultation.

“Events like these can help spark conversations with women at your brokerage to see their value, break through negativity, learn to negotiate, have challenging conversations, and ask for what they want,” said TRREB Past President Lisa Patel and Chair of the Women in Real Estate Task Force. 

Keynote speaker and award-winning leadership strategist Shadé Zahrai shared classic communication traps that undermine credibility, how to take ownership of your authentic strengths, and ways to navigate challenging conversations.

For compelling communications, Shadé passionately said, “You want to prime your audience, tell them what you’re doing, then share your message and structure it by saying this is the first point I would like to make. Then, summarize and share an important takeaway to make your impact.”

Next up, Co-Host Jennifer Evelyn joined Lisa Patel and welcomed the influential panelists: 

This lineup of women “inspire and engage others to get involved in the world through captivating storytelling,” said Jennifer. 

We learned it’s necessary to provide a space where people can feel empowered. Bee Quammie shared, “When you are telling a story that is different from the person who is listening, they’re learning.” Bee added, “The more that I’m speaking up, it encourages others to speak up and communicate ideas that might be different.” 

Jennifer Hollett offered tips to building rapport. “Don’t worry about who you should be or how you should conform. Instead, think about who you are, and how you can bring more of that out, because that’s what is going to stand out.”

To communicate ideas and gain support, Kelsey Ramsden said, “When we’re pitching ideas, identify what you are saying, but also how you are saying it.” Kelsey also shared advice to navigate through self-doubt. “I carefully thought about the decisions I was making, which taught me to be present and more comfortable.”

At the event, TRREB President Kevin Crigger also shared, “At TRREB, we continue to harness your voices, and it’s so encouraging when you are part of an Association actively engaged in the same thing. Most importantly, the Women in Real Estate Task Force taps into the power of peer support.”

Discover six key takeaways  from the event and ignite a conversation to help you communicate with influence. 

Members can tune into the full event by visiting the TRREB Home Page. 

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