First, second, or maybe even a third home, no matter what, TRREB Members are by their client’s side to guide what is often the largest financial decision someone may make. They represent trusted leadership, with far-reaching resources to match each client with the right home. 

Long-lasting relationships with clients are built alongside a journey into a new neighbourhood and go beyond a signature on a dotted line. Quick touchpoints for the latest update, a walkthrough of what’s next, and adapting to a virtual environment while ensuring everyone stays connected, our Members are committed to professionalism and have their client’s best interests in mind.

Professional tools and services are just part of the many perks that clients come to know when working with a TRREB Member. From setting up alerts for new homes that hit the market, with access to exclusive data, and all the other tools in between, they’re equipped to showcase homes and simplify the buying process .

And, it goes without saying, REALTORS® create unique searches to meet the needs of every client. Whether it’s backyard space or a particular neighbourhood, must-haves are put at the top of the list, and they’re ready to let their clients know as soon as their dream home is listed. 

It also comes naturally for TRREB Members to protect the integrity of the real estate profession.

From the get-go, our Members are on hand to understand and respect a client’s wishes while also safeguarding privacy rights and personal financial information. With all the technology out there, Members know privacy is key, and they’re backed by secure electronic signing systems to help keep everyone’s information safe and secure.

Watch and see how TRREB Members help protect the integrity of the profession. 

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