TRREB has communicated with Mayor Tory and the Toronto City Manager regarding important City Services that have been impacted by the City’s suspension and adjustment of City services, specifically the City’s Planning and Building Departments.

In a letter to Mayor Tory and the City Manager , TRREB highlighted that City services play an important role for numerous real estate transactions. Specifically, the City’s Planning and/or Building Departments play important roles for many inquiries, permits, zoning reviews, etc., which often form parts of conditions on real estate transactions that must be cleared before the transaction can be completed. Initially, the City of Toronto had suspended all of these services, while most other GTA municipalities were still able to continue providing these services with staff working remotely to ensure safety and social distancing.

TRREB worked with other stakeholders, including the Building Industry and Land Development Association and the Toronto Region Board of Trade, to ensure that the City was aware of the potential severity of impact that this could mean for the City’s economy.

Status of City Planning and Building Services

The City has now made adjustments to allow some of these services to continue during the shutdown, while still ensuring the safety of their staff. The following is an update on these services posted by the City:

Current Building Department services include:

Suspended Building Department services:

Currently evaluating needs and capability to safely allow for the following activities:

Current Planning Department services include:

Suspended Planning Dept Services



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