Today, we too are choosing to challenge gender inequality and show our support and solidarity on International Women’s Day. In doing so, we’re retracing our steps through our 100-year journey and paying tribute to the remarkable women who paved the way for change at TRREB. 

It’s been nearly a century since Gertrude Tate became one of the first female Members of TRREB. As a pioneer, she spent 40 years in the business, and in a 1956 Globe and Mail Article , Gertrude was recognized for her devotion to the real estate industry and the first woman to take the title of Honorary Life Member.   

It wasn’t until 1981 that female leadership at TRREB became transformative with Sadie Moranis becoming the first female president. Sadie’s leadership went beyond her president term, she also headed up the Women’s Division  – uniting female REALTORS®. 

Following in Sadie’s footsteps, there have been nine female presidents who have helped to shape and change the industry.

Fast forward to today, and Lisa Patel is the President of TRREB and represents strong leadership in the real estate community. She is the founder and Chair of TRREB’s Women in Real Estate Task Force, which has a mandate to support, encourage and empower women to excel in real estate. 

“In exploring our 100 Year Virtual Exhibit , you’ll discover that women make up 40 per cent of TRREB’s present day membership. We’re calling on organizations and leaders to challenge gender inequality beyond International Women’s Day, while forging a world where diversity and inclusion are valued. Make today your day to be a catalyst for change into the future”, said Lisa.

Check out the Ready to Real Estate podcast and tune into Past Reflections and Choosing to Challenge the Future . Lisa and five of TRREB’s Past Presidents get together to talk about the challenges faced in the real estate community as women and their personal experiences in a leadership role. 

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