Every year the Market Year in Review & Outlook 2021 Report is a must-read. And this year is no different. The eagerly awaited report and new digital digest will focus on how the real estate market is driving the economy during the pandemic and beyond. We’ll also highlight how the new homes, rental, and commercial markets unfolded last year.

“With a record-breaking year of home sales and average prices reaching new heights, we’re unpacking what happened in the 2020 real estate market, while also looking at where it’s heading in 2021,” said Lisa Patel, TRREB President. 

New This Year

We’re also launching a new interactive website highlighting the sought-after takeaways from the report. The latest market insights, trends and predictions will all be just a few clicks away.

Plus, you can delve into new research on much needed missing middle housing, discover the latest results from consumer polling on home buying and selling intentions, and examine the current state of the mortgage industry. 

“Whether you’re a TRREB Member, home buyer or seller, this TRREB signature report delivers a fresh perspective on the real estate industry during an unprecedented year while providing an outlook for the year ahead. It also uses evidence-based data and results-driven research to reveal how to increase the housing supply in all areas,” said John DiMichele, TRREB CEO. 

TRREB’s highly anticipated report will be released, along with the launch of the new website, on February 8 at TRREB.ca

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