This year’s Community Service Award winners know first-hand the impact of making a difference and offering a helping hand to the people at the heart of our towns, cities and regions. 

For Michelle Risi , TRREB Member of 17 years, her passion to give back began way back. And, since then it hasn’t stopped. Michelle holds annual food and clothing drives, including leading a high school entrepreneurship program that helps students launch future business ventures.

No impact is too little for Diversity & Inclusion Task Force Member Colin Campbell . He strongly believes that enriching the lives of others is the foundation to building a healthy community. Over the holidays, Colin delivered hundreds of meals for families across the GTA.

Meeting new people is why long-standing TRREB Member Sheena Thompson  finds volunteering such a rewarding experience. She says it strengthens your ties to your community and broadens your support network. Sheena’s mantra for the Black Realtors Association group is “let’s win together, the sky is big enough for all of us.”

Giving back takes different shapes and forms. Whether it’s supporting your local shelter-based charities, food banks, or breakfast programs to help students, Jennifer Evelyn  says to start with a cause that’s near and dear to you. Jennifer serves on our Women in Real Estate Task Force, and outside of TRREB, she’s passionate about children’s hospitals. Throughout the years, she has helped SickKids, MacKids and Good Shepherd.

Likewise, Young Professionals Committee Member, James Milonas , is not only involved at TRREB, but is also a long-time volunteer with Covenant House and SickKids. His contributions are remarkable. If you’re looking for motivation to spark your volunteer journey, James  explains what made him roll up his sleeves to become a dedicated volunteer.  

That’s not all. See and hear more from the Community Service Award Winners about why they give back.

You can also help us motivate positive change by sharing your story. Or, tell us about a fellow TRREB Member that you know who has made a difference. No matter if you’re supporting a local charity or food drive, or if you have started a new initiative that you’re passionate about, we want to hear about it. 

Visit  to find out how you can shine a spotlight on our unsung heroes. 

And, to tap into more stories, discover six reasons  our David Rossi Committee Service and Presidential Award winners volunteer. 

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