Marketing is integral to the real estate business and critical to your success as a REALTOR® – but making sense of all of the marketing tools offered can be a little intimidating. TRREB President Lisa Patel chatted with David Greenspan , the Founder and CEO of real estate marketing strategy firm MindShare 101, for a recent episode of the Ready to Real Estate podcast  to discuss finding and connecting with your audience in ways that are effective and sustainable for years to come. 

There are many of marketing tactics that you can employ to get your message out: a website, flyers, advertising, social media. You’re likely already using several, but you can be made to feel like you’re missing out if you’re not engaging with a particular channel. 

David says to interrogate your adoption of any new marketing tool with the following letters: A.M.H. Who is your Audience? What does this Marketing tool do for that audience, and does it complement the rest of your marketing initiatives as a whole? And how will you Hustle to bring this tool to life and make it a functioning part of your overall marketing plan? Let’s break those down a little further.

Audience comes first, according to David, because the days of the marketing campaign with a start and end are over. Your marketing efforts are a continuous conversation with your audience. You need to know where your audience “lives” – both physically and online – and make sure that you’re delivering messaging in those places. Maybe your clients are primarily older people looking to buy homes in retirement communities: where do they hang out in your city? What newspapers do they read? Which social channels do they like?

Once you understand who your audience is and where they are, you have to decide how that marketing tool fits into your existing marketing work. Using our previous example, if you’re working with soon-to-be-retired people looking to downsize, starting a TikTok account and doing dance challenges might be fun for you, but they’ll likely never see or engage with that content. A young-skewing channel like TikTok could run counterintuitive to the grassroots community initiatives you might already be engaged in, but Facebook might be a natural, digital companion to those existing in-person efforts.

Discovering right-fit marketing tools for a well-defined audience is all setup. The hustle is where you put your tool of choice to work, by putting yourself to work. How will you dedicate time, effort and money towards getting the most out of a marketing tactic? David uses the example of flyers. Would you just distribute flyers around a neighbourhood and call it a day? Of course not! You’re going to chase those flyers with bus bench advertisements and sponsorships, and do it in a consistent way that keeps you at the forefront of your audience’s minds when they think “real estate.” Lisa adds that you have to think of these things holistically, as your dedication to neighbourhoods and communities. Getting involved with organizations and sponsoring local teams makes you more present than if you were just to do each of these activities in isolation. David agrees, and adds that even a sponsorship could use some “hustle” – why not surprise your team with a pizza every once in a while?

The full episode of David and Lisa’s chat covers a lot more marketing tips and tricks for REALTORS® – including goal-setting, social media trends and building out your content – so don’t miss it . Catch up on more episodes of Ready to Real Estate here .

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