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MFR 5 Step First Time Home Buyer Program

Renting Versus Buying: Which Option Is Best For Me?
Receive a $25 Amazon Gift card just for answering the above question and walking through our MFR 5 step program!
The Modern Family Realtor Team have created a 5-Step First Time Homebuyer Program that will help provide you with answers to these important questions:

  • Is this the right time to buy?
  • Can I afford to buy?
  • Can I get mortgage approval and what would my mortgage payments likely be?
  • What are the average monthly costs of carrying the home?
  • Are there government assistance programs that can help me with buying a property?
  • What are the areas and types of properties that are within my budget?
  • Is this the right time for me?
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Our highly dedicated team of 8 agents here at Modern Family Realtor, in addition to a full roster of mortgage advisors, lawyers, financial advisors and accountants can help support you through this process from beginning to end.  We help to uncover resources and build a personalized approach that is right for you.

  • STEP 1 – Readiness Checklist
  • STEP 2-  Use Our MFR Budget Sheet
  • STEP 3 –  Find Your Downpayment
  • STEP 4 – Get A Mortgage Pre-approval
  • STEP 5 –  Begin Your Search For Your New Home

For more information refer to the attached PDF presentation or download the complete program at

No commitment is required just book a free consultation with our team to see if you may qualify to buy a home or investment in 2021 or beyond.  With interest rates as low as 1.39% and condo prices coming down about 10% we are bullish on buying into this market before it recovers by the end of the year.  In 40% of client scenarios we ran it actually cost less to buy then lease in 2021!

After you or your referral completes our 5 step MFR program you will qualify to get a free $25 Amazon gift card just for participating.
If this program does not fit your needs now, please feel free to forward to anyone in your network.  We also assist investors, cottage goers and sellers with free consultations as well.

When you are ready, book your free consultation with us today through the calendly link below or via email and let’s get started!

MFR Monthly Webinar Series – Recorded Sessions

#1 March 24, 2021 – First Time Home Buyer Program with Special Guest Estee Zacks our Mortgage Broker

Please download the full MFR 5 Step program below.